Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You've Been Slimmed!

I went in for a fill today. I have lost another 8 lbs and am now down to 302.8 lbs from my original weight of 361. I have lost a total of 58.2 lbs! My clothes don't fit me anymore! I now have 8.2cc's of fluid in my lapband.

It has been a month since my last fill. This last month has been a difficult one. After my last fill I have had lots of trouble with food getting stuck even when I eat slow and small bites. I end up having to try to throw them up. It's not really throwing up but relaxing my throat and letting the food come back up. What comes up is a bunch of mucous with food in it. According to the nurse this is called slimming because your body produces lots of mucous to move the food down to your stomach. Since it doesn't get down into your stomach with the band a lot of slime is created to try to get it down there. Getting rid of some of that slime and food does help you feel better but it makes me feel like I'm bulimic.

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